Tips for Parents

A lot of parents of teens and young children are confused about where to find information on helping their kids with the Internet. Moreover, parents often lag behind their kids in knowing what the hottest trends are in online social networks and other services.

Many kids are using services and sites like PalTalk, MySpace, Limewire, Kazaa, and even iTunes to access content that parents may not only find objectionable, but troubling if their child has had specific problems in the past.

A lot of parents unfortunately feel that the only way to protect their kids from pornography, pedophiles, stalkers, and other Internet dangers is to simply not have the Internet at home. In this day and age of information and technology, this is not only silly, but downright insane. A bathtub is a horrible danger to a small child. We still need to bathe our kids, we just make sure we supervise them when in the tub. Same rule applies to the computer. We need to supervise and be aware of what our kids are doing.

In order to help parents understand the latest Internet fads and gadgets and be aware of tools for helping kids on the Internet, we will be adding content to this page as dated entries and we will also be posting tips and information in our normal blog rotation. We have a lot of topics we want to cover, but only so much time. We’d love to take requests so that we can provide the best information our readers find useful.

You are welcome to contact us with ideas and topics. We will get responses together for all questions we receive from parents. We also have a weekly electronic newsletter we send out for parents to get up-to-date information so you don’t have to remember to always check out our site. So submit your questions and topic ideas and sign up for our newsletter. It’s a free service we provide to the community to make the Internet world safer for everyone.


One Comment on “Tips for Parents”

  1. gaudeamus Says:

    Hi! I came across this request for suggestions for things kids can do online and I wanted to suggest our website, Kidipede – History for Kids, which isn’t as much fun as Bebo or Myspace, but it’s a lot safer, and pretty entertaining. You can find it at

    Karen Carr
    Kidipede – History for Kids

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