The opinions and viewpoints expressed on this blog belong solely to the author of the post and do not necessarily reflect the views of the management and owners of SFB, LLC. Those with differing opinions are welcome to post comments. Only abusive or foul comments will be deleted.

SFB, LLC is a web design firm in Layton, Utah. For those not familiar with Utah, that is about 20 miles outside of the “booming metropolis” that is Salt Lake City. We offer a full range of services to market and power businesses on the Internet. In addition to using cutting-edge technology and techniques to build web sites and web applications, we provide consulting services for marketing both online and in traditional media.

Started by our Head Developer What’s In Charge, Harry Bakken, SFB is expanding its operation to serve more businesses better. We are working to establish a large team of developers and gurus in various industries and multiple Internet-related disciplines to serve a broader range of businesses. Our experts form an unbeatable team to provide services including:

  • Website design
  • Web application development
  • Website hosting
  • Microsite construction
  • RSS Feed management
  • E-commerce (all aspects, soup-to-nuts)
  • Web advertising management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog writing
  • E-mail opt-in programs and message distribution
  • MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube integration/management services

To find out more about how the SFB team can work for you, call Harry today at (801) 792-6896 or e-mail him. If you are an Internet or marketing professional that might be interested in joining the SFB team, visit http://www.GetSFB.com/opportunities.cfm. Potential investors and business partners are welcome to find out more at http://www.GetSFB.com/investors.cfm.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. robert Says:

    Harry…Great Blog. And I think you are straight-up to speak your mind. I was reading some of the other articles, or opinions you wrote, and they are all relevant today, but many people dont give a …, well, you know.
    The one that really caught my eye was Arny in Cali, concerning immigration… Illegal immigration. I live in Odessa, TX. It is about 70 or 75% Hispanic. I use the term Hispanic to be PC, but they’re Meskins. They dont vote, they dont try and assimilate to our culture, and, well, they’re basically ass-backwards here. My name is Robert Anaya Ramirez. I am an American, 6th generation of Texas Heritage. Every generation has fought for our country. From the raids against Pancho Villa, all the way up to Iraq.
    I just dont understand why they come here and try to keep the customs to the extreme, especially when their home country dont give a damn about them. They basically still have a caste system down there, and they are the peons.
    As I said…70% spanish-speakers, and there is not ONE meskin on any local gov’t here. None. That is sad, and funny.
    We hope to adopt a plan here similar to the one that was just passed in Farmers Branch, TX., being people must provide proof of citizenship before they even rent a home or apt. to them.
    I’m rambling now… But great blog, I will check in periodically to see what you have posted. My first novel has just been published, and I am looking for ways to promote it on the web. see http://www.publishedauthors.net/lenny
    Have a good one. Bobby.

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