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New service from SFB, LLC- On Demand Support and Maintenance

March 22, 2009

Do you have a problem and need some technical help? Can’t find the right solution anywhere? Well, let us take a shot at before you call GeekSquad or your overworked brother-in-law. SFB is now using GoToAssist to offer computer support services. As long as your computer can connect to the Internet (broadband connections only, please!), our On Demand Support (ODS) group can connect to your computer and see what you see while on the phone or using online chat.

Our ODS group specializes in advanced technical support and maintenance. In addition to on demand connections while you watch, we can also perform unattended maintenance connections on your systems. We’ll connect when it’s not interfering with your work. We can use this feature to not only evaluate problems with your system, but we can also perform updates, software installations, backups, and other useful maintenance tasks.

Services start at $40 per hour for on demand support incidents or are as low as $25 per hour for prepaid monthly support contracts. Contact ODS today for more information!